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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is generally regarded as the fastest and most affordable dental procedure to improve the appearance of your smile. The peroxides in teeth whitening gels break down any coloured molecules that cause tooth discolouration in a process known as oxidation. The tooth structure remains unaffected while the tooth colour is made lighter. The oxidation process only whitens natural teeth and will not whiten fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers or dentures. At Hastings Dental Centre we are pleased to offer you a choice of teeth whitening options.


  1. Take Home Whitening

  2. In-surgery Whitening


Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home teeth whitening is the most common type of professional teeth whitening. Our dentist takes impressions of the teeth to make custom-fit whitening trays and provides you with a professional take-home teeth whitening product. Following our instructions you dispense the teeth whitening gel into the custom trays and apply daily for approximately 2 weeks. The daily wear time is determined by the professional teeth whitening product prescribed by our dentist. At Hastings Dental Centre our dentists prefer the Poladay and Polanight teeth whitening products manufactured by SDI as well as Zoom Nitewhite and Zoom Daywhite by Philips who manufacture the global Zoom brand of teeth witening products.


  • Less costly than in-office teeth whitening

  • Large choice of products and product concentrations

  • The trays and teeth whitening gel can be used again for a touch-up in the future


  • It takes 2 weeks to achieve a result

  • Requires impressions to make the whitening trays

  • Patient compliance for the full 2 weeks


In-Office Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth by our dentist who may or may not use a professional teeth whitening lamp to boost the action of the whitening gel. Before commencing treatment the dentist will supply the patient with protective eyewear, isolate the teeth using gauze and cotton rolls and apply a liquidam across the gums to protect the gums. This is done to protect the gums, cheeks and lips from contact with the strong teeth whitening gel as it may cause irritation. The most common professional in-office teeth whitening product is the Zoom! teeth whitening system.


  • Can achieve the same result in 1 hour as a take home teeth whitening product achieves in 2 weeks

  • Only requires a single dental visit

  • No need for impressions


  • Cost as this is the most expensive teeth whitening option

Zoom teeth whitening
Scarborough Dentist Home Teeth Whitening

For a confidential discussion about teeth whitening please contact one of our friendly staff on (08)9341 1022 to arrange a time for a consultation.

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