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Dentures are appliances designed to replace missing teeth. A denture is classified as a complete or full denture when it replaces all of the teeth in the jaw or as a partial denture when some natural teeth remain and not all teeth need to be replaced. Complete dentures are constructed with an acrylic base and acrylic teeth while partial dentures are constructed using an acrylic or metal base with acrylic teeth.

Some of the advantages of wearing dentures are:

  • eat better.

  • speak better

  • improve your appearance.

  • retain the position of your existing teeth - teeth with missing adjacent or opposite teeth tend to drift sideways or supraerupt resulting in poor alignment. Replacing these missing teeth with a denture prevents this movement.

  • support for the muscles of the face - this avoids the classic sagging face appearance which makes a person look much older than they are.

Hastings Dental Centre complete denture

For a confidential discussion about your options to replace missing teeth please contact one of our friendly staff on (08)9341 1022 to arrange a time for a consultation.

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